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Didactic structures
Licei : It is dedicated to Ermete and Arnoldo Mondadori. It is endowed with over 7000 volumes. The greatest part of these books is intended for students, in order to realize didactic courses; the rest of them addresses teachers to improve their professional knowledge. The fields of Italian and English literature are rich. The wide and bright room is used for reference and it is endowed with hi-fi stereo and magazines (such as l’Espresso, Le Monde, Time, Art Dossier, Le Scienze). The library is open every morning (with the presence of a teacher at scheduled hours) for reference and lending.
I.T.I. : It is endowed with about 1000 volumes mainly of scientific and technologic topics referring to mechanic specialization. Its room (recently built and named “Sala polivalente”) hosts audiovisual aids.
I.T.G. : about 1700 volumes enrich the Institute library. Most of the books deal with technologic topics; there are also books of Italian and foreign literatures.


Gyms and sport equipments

The Liceo is endowed with its own structure, a connected soccer field, a path in the park and rooms equipped for artistic gym and dance. Municipal sports structures near the school are used for specific activities like tennis and swimming.The students of I.T.I. and I.T.G. use these municipal equipments too.


The Licei is endowed with an Aula Magna used for conventions, conferences, meetings, exhibitions: it can host up to 400 people and it is equipped with stereophonic, audiovisual and multimedia instruments.

It is used by associations, corporations and external groups with the Consiglio d’Istituto’s approval. This makes the place ideal for various cultural activities, organized by the students, too.

Language classrooms

In every school there are specific rooms for foreign languages teaching. They are endowed with audiovisual instruments.

Drawing classrooms

The diversity of the courses characterizes and differentiates these rooms. They are specifically equipped for each school, thus the Liceo’s one offers audio-video instruments, while the I.T.I. and the I.T.G. ones are endowed with drawing machines and computers.

All the schools are endowed with rooms equipped with specific instruments. The audiovisual sector is growing progressively, mostly thanks to the contribute of foreign languages, where multimedia is an unquestionable fact.

Computer networks

With a considerable economic investment, finalized to the improvement of the didactic offer, the school has improved the computer equipment of the three schools by creating laboratories with network client work-stations connected to the Internet by ADSL connection. The network offers to teachers the possibility of activating links and inspections on the students' activity and at the same time offers to students the possibility of working in autonomy, of connecting to the Internet diversifying activities, sharing softwares, files and using common peripherals. One of the different aims is the creation of network links with other schools to realize common projects for the development of various didactic subjects.
Chemistry and Sciences
Computer sciences
Computer sciences
Computer sciences
Chemistry - Physics
.... mainly used for sportive and recreative activities, it is also a laboratory for didactic science activities such as the classification of arboreal and shrubby essences and for the recognition and the classification of the various lichen species found there.

In December 1998, 60 bushes of arboreal native species and 15 typical plants of our plain given by the Province of Mantua were planted around the playground of the Licei. The tree planting was realized with the help of volunteer students and some volunteer citizens from Ostiglia, guided by the science teacher C. Malavasi. This task was included in science teaching planning for the second year forums, together with the local WWF.

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